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A recipe for making your music work.

About Us

M.O.R. is a home-office-based song studio that focusses on writing and recording original audio, mostly music and individual songs for possible publishing, for artists of all ages.

M.O.R. develops the artists’ strong points and nurture the more challenging ones. In collaboration with the artist, we help to start or finish songs by developing music and lyrics based on artist suggestions and their existing work.

M.O.R. also writes and creates promotions and audio to support an artists’ marketing efforts once their songs are finished or released.

Artists who choose to work with M.O.R. make their finished or working material available to the studio through email or dropbox. We will listen to the artist’s work and dig further into what the artist wishes to achieve;when they want to achieve it and, if interested; what they want to do with their work once it’s finished.

M.O.R. has other publishing opportunities in the works for artists including web radio, and a regular podcast that takes a closer listen to songs reviewed that week on

The Make Your Songs Work Recipe


  • Love of words and music
  • Musical ability with at least one instrument
  • A music idea that can be played live or recorded
  • A good song lyric or idea or song title (optional)
  • The end goal: CD, USB, Vinyl, Download, Stream, Stage?

That’s all. Oh, and some talent.

If you got here from my advertisement, here’s more information said another way in PDF.

Step One: Send your music links.