Song Development

2: Criteria and assessment of new music

M.O.R. is focussed on developing original modern songs. M.O.R. is in the business of developing great music that may be considered for publication, distribution and promotion. Our first priority is the song.

To gauge how artists might find our services useful and economical we have developed a Song Development Scale. When you send us song links the scale asks you to pick the elements of your song writing that you want to work on. There are no wrong choices. Everyone is somewhere on this scale. If any of these songwriter scenarios applies to you, please consider us to help you complete your next or current musical project and complete the form on the previous page.

What We Do
A formula that works.

We can be a few things to a few songwriters. By no means is M.O.R. a large scale operation and there’s lots we have yet to learn. That being said; what we do, we do well. Just for contacting…

  • We will listen to your song links and if we like the first 60 seconds.
    • We will review the whole song.
    • We will consider it’s best publishing prospects.
  • We will put your accepted work on our blogs and playlists.
  • We will make contact if the prospects look good.

From our DIY perspective, implementing a well worn pattern of technical production with our focussed creative abilities can be of great value to any songwriter. We know our fundamentals. We follow a production paradigm learned form years of project and creative development. We create a lot of material and processes to fit to our needs based on the work at hand, and in the moment.

M.O.R. has carved a path through the ranks of technology from 4-track and reel-to-reel/sound-on-sound tape recording up through digital tracking, mixing and mastering. We gained a broad DIY perspective of the process, especially for the songwriter and working musician.

Our specialty is merging some important elements of a music production into a cohesive package that the songwriter is happy with. It’s a subjective task and can be time consuming. To this end songwriters should:

  • Understand the limits of your talent and that of any others.
  • The above being said, think as big as you can and have some goals.
  • Approach every production element with care.
  • Virtually every DIY song producer seeks outside help at some point.
  • MOR offers raw creative in the music space in collaboration with songwriters at all levels of their craft.
  • MOR can start, add-to, collaborate, and teach about creating songs with a sound that might be compared to popular music in the last 60 years.
  • MOR works in most genres of music from folk, to punk to country, instrumentals, all the alternatives and of course rock, and rock ‘n roll.
  • We welcome and can work with all sounds and genres except hip hop, Klezmer, rap and Latin Jazz.
  • MOR offers words and music copyright free for a fee: in studio or remotely.
  • MOR offers song packages for every budget and songwriting or publishing goal.
    • contact us if you need ideas

Our projects are unique adventures into how the artist ultimately speaks their truth without the process costing a fortune. Every artist is different but lots of artist’s work is not.

Development Details

M.O.R. aims to pull out the unique, fresh elements of each musical work either by cleaning up or adding to existing material, whether words or music.

Send us your music links. Go here.

M.O.R. works with web radio stations around the world to playlist our roster of artists. There are a whole range of ways to get your songs out there. and MOR can help you put a strategy together.

Step Three: Music Production